James Jesus Angleton: Poetry, Fly Fishing, and Fascism–Fly-Fishing–and-Fascism-e1cqmfi Toward the end of the Second World War, many Americans had rather strong feelings about Fascists, mostly, that Fascists were evil and tyrranical, fueled by hatred and a total disregard for human life. But there were some who didn’t feel that the Fascists were all that bad. Some Americans actually thought that perhaps the … Continue reading James Jesus Angleton: Poetry, Fly Fishing, and Fascism

Frank Wisner: Local Boy Makes Good Were it not for a handful of loud, persistent voices shouting “Fire” about Stalin’s intentions toward Western Values, the Cold War may well have never occurred, or may at least have been less brutal, less deadly. And maybe the United States wouldn’t have compromised its stated moral codes so egregiously in the decades following … Continue reading Frank Wisner: Local Boy Makes Good

William Samuel Stephenson: Decent Spy, Amazing Liar–Amazing-Liar-e17bb3o Somebody had to teach Americans how to conduct espionage, and British spymaster William Samuel Stephenson was just the man for the job. He taught American spies how to lie, cheat, and use the media to manipulate the populace. He laid the groundwork for practices that would ultimately undermine public trust in the government, leading … Continue reading William Samuel Stephenson: Decent Spy, Amazing Liar

Carmel Offie: Short and Sweet Carmel Offie is one of history’s tragically overlooked characters — someone who worked with superhuman effort and questionable ethics to protect a country that would, in turn, destroy him out of convenience. Described by many as short and ugly, Offie still managed to charm everyone he met and curry favor with everyone from political … Continue reading Carmel Offie: Short and Sweet

Antonio Villas Boas, Part 2: “Oh yeah, I know that guy!”–Part-2-Oh-yeah–I-know-that-guy-e11mt5i For years, UFO researchers believed there were two ways to consider the fantastic story of Antonio Villas Boas: an unprecedented encounter with other-worldly beings, or a bit of weird fiction, maybe dreamed up by a bored young man. But years after the story of Villas Boas came to light, a third option was presented … Continue reading Antonio Villas Boas, Part 2: “Oh yeah, I know that guy!”

Antonio Villas Boas, part 1: Can’t a Man Farm in Peace?–part-1-Cant-a-Man-Farm-in-Peace-e10jolo/a-a5h2tgu After the Roswell crash in 1947, UFO sightings became commonplace across the country. Local authorities and government agencies became overrun with reports of strange objects in the sky, performing impossible feats before zooming off into the distance.  But it would be more than a decade before another famous element of alien encounters would be … Continue reading Antonio Villas Boas, part 1: Can’t a Man Farm in Peace?

George Hunter White, part 2: “I was too rough for their league.”–part-2-I-was-too-rough-for-their-league-evm8jv CIA mad scientist Sidney Gottlieb had job opening that might as well have been custom-made for Goerge Hunter White. White had experience in drugging people for experiments during his time in the OSS. He loved drugs himself. He had few scruples when it came to committing acts of cruelty and violence. And perhaps most … Continue reading George Hunter White, part 2: “I was too rough for their league.”

CIA Files: Headlines 4/18/2021

A look at headlines from around the world. Top general: ‘Low to medium risk’ of Russia invading Ukraine in next few weeks Doctor says Navalny could die ‘at any moment’ U.S. Slaps New Sanctions On Russia Over Cyberattack, Election Meddling Russia Retaliates Against Biden’s New Sanctions, Expelling 10 U.S. Diplomats The … Continue reading CIA Files: Headlines 4/18/2021


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