Carmel Offie: Short and Sweet Carmel Offie is one of history’s tragically overlooked characters — someone who worked with superhuman effort and questionable ethics to protect a country that would, in turn, destroy him out of convenience. Described by many as short and ugly, Offie still managed to charm everyone he met and curry favor with everyone from political … Continue reading Carmel Offie: Short and Sweet

Antonio Villas Boas, Part 2: “Oh yeah, I know that guy!”–Part-2-Oh-yeah–I-know-that-guy-e11mt5i For years, UFO researchers believed there were two ways to consider the fantastic story of Antonio Villas Boas: an unprecedented encounter with other-worldly beings, or a bit of weird fiction, maybe dreamed up by a bored young man. But years after the story of Villas Boas came to light, a third option was presented … Continue reading Antonio Villas Boas, Part 2: “Oh yeah, I know that guy!”

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